Friday, May 20, 2016



Thursday, March 31, 2016


Hey Everyone

I know its been a while since Ive updated but a few things are underway and Im very excited about it. But first things first, tonight I'll will be the KeyNote Speaker for Morehouse's PRIDE Week! What an honor to inspire young people using their creative juices

Also a new site is coming up, so im working very hard to have everything ready for you web browsing experience. Thats it for now just wanted to touch bases with you all. Hopefully once everything is in place you will here from me more often

Monday, December 7, 2015

Books Availables

Now Available for Sale click here

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Monday, November 30, 2015


hey loves

its been hell and Im tired of dealing with not having the resources I need to complete this work and im not getting what I need. It seems as if when I take a step Im pushed back and its really becoming annoying.

But anyway, just figuring new ways to have the funding i need and still be able to live. Ive been struggling and haven't really opened up about it. From loosing my job to someone hacking my email erasing a good portion of my work various heart breaking situations and even some healing taking place however I still feel like Im still at square one. Im not offer many opportunities to speak and actually get paid for it. I want to live my dream but I have to be realistic. Ive worked for folks since 14 and its time I own something for me and something I can ensure my future and the futures coming after. I smile, I make you laugh but Im hurting inside due to being asked to speak here and do this and that and nothing is placed in my hands when Ive spent a decade doing everything for free. CANT DO IT ANYMORE. WHY AM I WORKING HARDER THAN I SHOULD?

I would share some new material but due to lack of access I cant! But what I will say is it will all turn around for the better.  Im chanting, connecting, planting seeds but it would nice to see the results of my hard work. Im barely eating, barely making it, but Im still here. I walk everywhere so getting things done can be a task going from one meeting to another. Thats my update for now. Keep me in your prayers folks


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pneumonia, Adams Womb,GSU and Antronica

hey loves i know its been stone ages since we've spoke but my life had been awesome hard challenging and triumph.

Just kicked pneumonia's ass from overworking myself at a part time job that didn't value me as a human being nor appreciate the efforts I made. So for a few weeks I was down for the count, During that time I was just getting over past hurts and disappointments which sent me into a complete isolation to ensure my happiness. Since then I've finished a collaborative short film entitled ADAMS WOMB with transwoman poet and activist Tela L. Love which tells the story of the gay male giving birth to the trans-woman. Its a controversial dance visually inspired to reflect the second creation in a balanced environment of urban and naturalistic elements ( such as the tree representing life) to create an abstracted outlook of how lgbt youth are usually born and surviving the streets which will definitely spark conversations and inspire. I love Tela but she got my nerves! I got on hers! Their was ego checking stretching  crying laughing the emotions were raw and pure which birthed ADAMS WOMB (click here)

Now, for  ANTRONICA!

Ive been conceptualizing this show for years, originally it was called equinox however other developments and new ideas made this process even more stressful yet I'm shopping this  to directors and producers for this multimedia theatrical/visual exhibit.

 Accompanied with an original sound track which I'm releasing new music next year. I know you want new tunes and trust me ive been working! I'm visiting a studio soon to finalize some sounds and I also delayed ANTRONICA to March. I actually begin my internship for Georgia State University (GSU) Linkage to Care Peer Counseling Training Program to counsel our youth especially of color. So excited! With this great change I wanted to be sure I could balance both responsibilities fairly and timely mannered. Its a complex yet delicate, adventurous and raw project. Definitely out of my comfort zone yet the challenge is the actual proof that my life thx to nam myoho renge kyo is blossoming and with everything else going on it feels good that I can begin implementing my focus.

Stay tunes loves


by the way the young man posing with me is Kiwan Benson, guitarist, videographer, 1/2 of Billion Dollar Baby. He will be apart of the exhibit as my special guest guitarist. Cant wait to see him release his beast!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hey Loves

Its been a minute since my last posting but know youve been on my mind. Im happy to announce the return of WITH LOVE ATL vblogs. I have so much writing to catch up on ( im still writing articles from last summer) but Ive designated time to do so.  In the meantime you can have access to my crazy beautiful life. So far Ive made four vblog entries which I know you will all love and enjoy. 

Get into the first episode of WITH LOVE ATL SEASON 2